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lol at the bag check when I went to just a fob concert they said throw out all water but my sister brought empty ones in her bag and threw those out so they didn't check our bag holla

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I think some venues make you throw them out so you buy their stuff. I’ve never brought a drink to a concert with me cause I’d end up having to pee half way through lol


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about the big brother project I have a question. I started listening to/getting really into Fall Out Boy in 2005, but i didn't really get back into liking them until 2011. Like I really liked them, I didn't lose complete interest but I didn't obsess over them during that period of time. But since 2011 I've obsessed and all that haha. So where does that put me in the project? Thanks :)

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You would be pre-hiatus so a big :)


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To the confessor who can't go to the show in NC- who gave her that idea? can't you explain to her it was a rumor/didnt happen/etc? and is there a reason she's blaming you when, if it happened, it would be just as much his fault. and is she breaking up with him? b/c if not thats hella lame to penalize you alone. you should attempt to reason with her, there's still time before tomorrow.

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Is there no one else you can go with either tho?


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